The texts currently being edited on this site survive in a total of eleven manuscripts dating from as early as the beginning of the eleventh century (during the lifetimes of Ælfric and Wulfstan) to as late as the end of the twelfth century. Most texts are found in three or more manuscripts, and so, to improve readability on this site as well as for the sake of easy referencing, we have assigned each manuscript a siglum (plural sigla), to which we will refer in our editions and discussions. Our sigla are explained in Table 1. In choosing manuscript sigla, we have attempted to imitate, or at least to synthesize (in as far as possible), the sigla used in previous editions and studies of the major works of Ælfric and Wulfstan, namely in the editions of Bernhard Fehr, Karl Jost, Dorothy Bethurum, Dorothy Whitelock, and Peter Clemoes and Malcolm Godden, and in Hans Sauer’s study of Wulfstan’s “Commonplace Book”. We therefore expect that most of our readers will be comfortable with the sigla established here, with the possible exception of D, which we reserve for Barlow 37 (as per Sauer, but as against Fehr, Jost and Felix Liebermann, who used D for Corpus 201) since this has become the standard letter for referring to Barlow 37 in the context of Wulfstan studies.

Table 1: Overview of Manuscript Sigla
Siglum Shelfmark Gneuss (Ker) no. Fehr Bethurum Jost Whitelock Clemoes/ Godden Sauer
B Oxford, Bodleian Library, Bodley 343 (2406) ― (310) Oz H Oz B
C Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, MS 265, pp. 3–208 73 (53) C X C C
D Oxford, Bodleian Library, Barlow 37 (6464), fols 1r–61v Bar D
E Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, MS 201, pp. 8–160, 167–76 65.5 (49B) D C D D
G London, British Library, Cotton Vespasian D. xiv, fols 4–169 ― (209) V V G
H Copenhagen, Kongelige Bibliotek, Gl. Kgl. Sam. 1595 (4°) 814 (99) Cop Cop K
J Oxford, Bodleian Library, Junius 121 (5232) 644 (338) X G X X T J
M Boulogne-sur-Mer, Bibliothèque municipale, MS 63 (70), fols 1–34 800 Bl n/a
O Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, MS 190, pp. iii–xii, 1–294 59 (45A) O W O Xa
Ox Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, MS 190, pp. 295–420
(note: pp. 295–318 and 351–64 are later additions)
59.5 (45B) O W O Xa
T London, British Library, Cotton Tiberius A. iii, fols 2–173 363 (186) N K N N Xe

The distribution of the texts in the various manuscripts is summarized in Table 2.

Table 2: Distribution of Texts in the Manuscripts

complete copy in
  • M (fols 10r–13r)

complete copies in
  • H (fols 67r–74r)
  • C (pp. 160–73)
  • O (pp. 188–201)
partial excerpt in
  • D (fols 41v–42v)

complete copies in
  • H (fols 74r–77v)
  • C (pp. 174–80)
  • O (pp. 151–59)
abbreviated copy in
  • MS D (fols 44r–45v)

complete copies in
  • Ox (pp. 320–36)
  • B (fols 133r–137r)
partial copy found in
  • G (fols 75r–75v)

complete copy in
  • E (pp. 31–40)

complete copies in
  • Ox (pp. 336–49)
  • B (fols 137r–140v)
  • J (fols 111r–124r)
partial copies in
  • G (fols 13v–15r)
  • T (fols 106r–107v)
On the Ecclesiastical Orders

complete copies in
  • M (fols 20r–24v)
  • C (pp. 184–94)
  • H (fols 18r–23r)
partial copy (fragment?) in
  • H (fols 80r–82v)
revised and augmented copy in
  • Ox (pp. 201–05)

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