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The following is the final programme (updated 25/1/05). A printer-friendly version of this programme in the PDF format can be downloaded here.

There is a link to the abstract for each talk in the PDF format. All of the abstracts in one big file are also posted here.

Thursday, Jan. 27

Waters Room, Woodsworth College
321 Bloor St. West

06:00-08:00             REGISTRATION & WELCOME RECEPTION
                                Featuring F-Zero, the Department of Linguistics' House Band

Friday, Jan. 28

Room 163, University College
15 King's College Circle

08:30                     COFFEE

09:00                     WELCOME by Pekka Sinervo, Dean, Faculty of Arts and Science

09:15                     GUEST: Jack Chambers

"Canadian Raising 32 (or 63) years later"

10:00                     BREAK

10:30                     Wendy Burnett

"Linguistic resistance on the New Brunswick-Maine border"

11:00                     Tony Pi

"Beyond the isogloss: The isograph in dialect topography"

11:30                     Hai Xu & Janice McAlpine

"Anglophone, peewee, two-four...: Can Canadianisms be acquired by learners of English in Canada?"

12:00                     LUNCH

01:30                     GUEST: Shana Poplack

"Canadian English qua Minority Language"

02:15                     James Walker & Rena Torres Cacoullos

"On the role of the (lexical) individual in grammatical variation: The future in Canadian English"

02:45                     Gerard van Herk

"Stuck in the past? Change, stability and contact in Québec English"

03:15                     BREAK

03:45                     William Idsardi

"Canadian Raising, opacity and rephonemicization"

04:15                     Kathleen Currie Hall

"Canadian Raising revisited: Evidence for a gradient, lexicon-based approach"

04:45-5:30             GUEST: Sandra Clarke

"Nooz or nyooz? The complex construction of Canadian identity"

05:30-7:30             CANADIAN ENGLISH IN THE MEDIA

Department of Linguistics,
130 St. George Street,
Room 6076

This event features the following three video presentations:

  1. Canadian English: Talking Canadian, starring Jack Chambers, Charles Boberg, & Sali Tagliamonte (CBC)
  2. Dialects of Canadian English, with an appearance by Jack (University of Calgary, Department of Communications Media)
  3. Canada: Western Frontier, with an appearance by Jack (History of English Series, Volume 6)

An audio presentation:

  • Canajun, eh? A collection of Canadian dialects for the actor. Compiled by David Ferry

And a display of research posters by students in Elaine Gold's Canadian English course at Queen's.

Saturday, Jan. 29

Room 140, University College
15 King's College Circle

08:15                     COFFEE

08:45                     Charles Boberg

"Sounding Canadian from coast to coast: Regional accents in Canadian English"

09:15                     Robert Hagiwara

"How 'general' is General Canadian? Vowel production in Winnipeg"

09:45                     BREAK

10:15                     GUEST: Beat Glauser

"Canadian English?"

11:00                     Dennis Preston

"The big neighbor to the north: US perceptions of Canadian English"

11:30                     Mary MacKeracher

"Perceptions of Durham Region English"

12:00                     LUNCH DISCUSSION: Teaching Canadian English

                              Moderator: E. Gold

01:30                     GUEST: Douglas Walker

                              "Canadian English in francophone family"

02:15                     GRADUATE STUDENT SYMPOSIUM

Moderator: Mary MacKeracher
Participants: Alex D'Arcy, Paul de Decker, Stefan Dollinger, Pauline Hollett

03:45                     BREAK

04:15                     Junko Hibiya

"Language shift in Canada: CCR in Japanese-Canadian English"

04:45                     Elaine Gold & Mireille Tremblay

"Canadian English, Eh? Canadian French, Hein?"


Masters Buffeteria (corner of Bloor & Madison)
310 Bloor Street West
Main Hall, Ground Floor -- Entrance on Madison Avenue
Doors open at 7:00
Dinner to start at 7:45
Entertainment to be provided by the Ron Davis Quartet, featuring Bobby Hsu on alto sax.

Sunday, Jan. 30

Room 140, University College
15 King's College Circle
(enter by main doors)

09:00                     BREAKFAST

09:30                     GUEST: Katherine Barber

"Neither Uncle Sam nor John Bull: Canadian English comes of age"

10:15                     DICTIONARY PANEL

"Towards a second edition of A Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles"
Participants: Katherine Barber, John Considine, David Friend, Terry Pratt

11:15                     BREAK

11:45                     Sali Tagliamonte

"It's like 'so cool, right?' Canadian English entering the 21st century"

12:15-1:00             GUEST: Peter Trudgill

"The inevitability of Canadian English"

01:00-01:15           CLOSING REMARKS

01:30-03:00           PIZZA LUNCH

Department of Linguistics,
130 St. George Street,
Room 6076

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