GEA Meeting Feb 2 4-6pm JHB 719

Hello and happy winter term to you all!

The GEA will be hosting its first meeting of the new year next Friday, February 2nd, from 4-6pm in JHB 719.

We will be discussing many important topics, including two upcoming Brown Bag lunches, Visitor’s Day, Cook the Books/Trivia Night, a proposed constitutional amendment, and the election of a new GEA president. We encourage all to come–especially so that you can make your voices heard during the in-meeting votes.

Attached to this email you will find the meeting agenda for Feb 2nd, which will provide more information on the topics mentioned above. You will also find a copy of the meeting minutes from December 1st, 2017.

As always, if you have any questions, you can contact me at

Hope to see many of you at the meeting!

GEA Meeting: September 22, 4-6pm JHB 719

Hi everyone, 

The first GEA meeting of the school year will take place this Friday, September 22, from 4-6pm in JHB 719. You will find the agenda for the upcoming meeting attached to this email. At the meeting, we will be holding “elections” for this year’s representatives. In particular, we are looking for a Vice President to carry out this year’s duties. 

 Last year’s representatives are not required to give a report; however, you are welcome to do so. 

 After the meeting, we will be hosting a welcome pub night at the Fox and Fiddle (280 Bloor St. W) at 6:30pm. Come join us for food, drinks, and a chance to meet GEA execs, committee members, and fellow grad students. 

All the best for the start of the school year, and hope to see many of you on Friday! 

-Meg Desmond, GEA Secretary


Here is the meeting agenda:

1) Call to Order

2) Approval of Agenda

3) General Announcements

4) Reports

  1. President’s Report
  2. Treasurer’s Report
  3. Secretary’s Report
  4. GSU Report
  5. CUPE Stewards’ Report(s)
  6. MA and MCR Reports
  7. PhD 1 Report
  8. PhD 2 Report
  9. PhD 3 Report
  10. ABD Report

5) New Business:

  1. Elections:
    • Vice President
    • GSU Representatives
    • CUPE Stewards
    • ACCUTE Representative
    • Year Representatives: MA, MCR, PhD 1-3, ABD
    • International Students’ Representative
    • Equity Representative(s)
    • Social Committee
    • Welcome Committee
    • Conference Committee
    • Delegates to Graduate English Counsel (6) & Department of English General Meeting (1)
  2. Open Forum: Discussion of the GEA 2016-17 Calendar
  • Fellowships Workshop: proposed date change to Sept 28

6) Adjournment

Echolocation: Volunteers Wanted!

Echolocation, the Graduate English literary journal at the University of Toronto, is looking for volunteers, especially early-year PhD students looking to develop a connection with the local literary scene. The magazine aims to publish one issue this coming year and begin building a stronger connection with the creative community in the Toronto area. Prospective volunteers need no previous experience with creative journals, and will be working with current PhD students as well as the first and second year students from the MACRW program within the University of Toronto’s English Department. The first meeting is tentatively planned for September 21st at 5:00PM. 
If interested, come to the first meeting or (if you are unable to attend) feel free to email either or for further details on how you can help! 

Student Staff Softball Game — September 8, 4-6pm

Softball Game

Dear colleagues and fierce competitors (and less fierce spectators),

Summer is almost over, which means it’s time to announce the date and location of our traditional pre-fall-term celebration: the Student-Faculty Softball Game and Potluck!  See the attached (and lovely!) poster by Nicole Birch-Bayley.

The event will be at Dovercourt Park, beginning at 4pm, with first pitch thrown probably around 4:15.  All equipment is already provided except gloves; if you want to play, bring your own glove.

But EVERYONE IS WELCOME!  Even if sports aren’t your thing (as I’m sure is true of most of us — otherwise we wouldn’t have done so much reading growing up), come to enjoy the sun, to share in the potluck, and (new this year) maybe to try your hand at a couple of lawn games we’ll get going on the side during the softball (bocce and/or badminton, depending on interest).

And new this year: a prize for the winning team!  Whichever team wins this year will have delicious pastries from Tung Hing Bakery delivered to the JHB lounge of their choice (i.e. grad lounge or faculty lounge) every other Monday in the winter semester.

Looking forward to seeing you —

RSVP here:

Your Staff-Student Relations Committee

End of Year Thanks

Now that the 2016-17 year has come to and end, we would like to warmly thank all those who volunteered and participated in GEA events this past year. You were instrumental to our successes and we appreciated your dedication. 

We are excited to congratulate and welcome next year’s GEA Executive: 

Owen Kane (President)
Meg Desmond (Secretary)
Sean McPhail (Treasurer)

We would also like to thank the administrative staff for all their service this year. Their enthusiasm and support was very much appreciated.

Looking forward to an excellent 2017-18. Have a wonderful summer. 

Faculty Lending Library

The GEA is excited to announce the launch of our Faculty Lending Library. Thanks to generous donations from current and retired faculty, we have put together a collection of titles published by members of our Department and they are available for loan in the GEA office.

For an up-to-date list of available titles, or to borrow a book, please contact a member of the GEA Exec.

Karma Yoga Returns

Weekly Karma Yoga classes have started again! Join in on classes taught every Thursday from 4:00-5:00 in JHB 719 to destress and get out of your chair. Classes are pay what you can and all proceeds are put towards the GEA Karma Yoga Travel Grant.

Happy New Year!

Welcome back! On behalf on the GEA Executive, I’d like to wish you all the best for the beginning of 2017 and the coming semester.

It will be a busy one! As you know, the Department is conducting four job searches over the next month and I encourage you all to be involved in the process by attending as many job talks and coffee hours as you are able to, especially if the searches are in your field.

Also—please note that as of next week the GEA Executive will be hosting a weekly office hour on Thursdays from 1:00-2:00 in JHB 721. If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions that you’d like to discuss with the Exec, please feel free to stop in for a chat. If this drop-in time doesn’t work for you, please contact me (Olivia) via email to book an appointment.

A few year-end congrats

As this school-year draws to a close, warm thanks are due to everyone who helped make our various events a success, and hearty congratulations to the incoming GEA exec:

Olivia Pellegrino (President)
Stefan Krescy (Vice-President)
Kyle Kineschuk (Secretary)
Nicole Birch-Bayley (Treasurer)

Also, we’d like to recognize the service and support provided to graduate students by Alan Bewell during his eight years as Chair of the English Department at St. George. It was a pleasure to work with Alan this year, and his receptiveness and administrative wisdom was very much appreciated as we presented the results of the GEA comps survey to the wider department.