presenter girlObjectives

The main objective of the presentations is to provide illustrative material to be discussed in class. Theoretical analyses and generalizations could, and sometimes should, guide your selection of the materials you present.  However, analyses and generalizations are not the main subject of your presentation (you will be able to present these in classroom discussion, in your essay and in your test answers).  Careful data collection is your most important job.


Do not forget to upload your presentation by 6 p.m. the day before class.



The topic of your presentation will be decided in consultation with the professor.

When is my presentation?

Here is the current schedule of presentations.


Reading From Your Text

You will be reading from a prepared text, not improvising. Your presentation must be prepared word for word in writing and you must be reading your text as you present.  (This is standard practice at academic conferences.)  You need not hand in your text. However, your Power Point presentation may be uploaded for class use on the web (if you volunteer it), and the material in it may be used for test questions.

Length limit and Overtime Penalty

The great Russian author, Dostoyevsky, received the following letter from his publisher: "Thank you for the draft of your new book. We think it will become a great classic, but it is much too long. We cannot publish it unless you cut it by one-third. Therefore we are returning your manuscript entitled "Crime, Punishment and Redemption"

(Anecdote told by Judah Folkman at the Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, June 15, 2001.)

Timing your presentation is an extremely important intellectual and rhetorical exercise. Please prepare your presentation so it will take no longer than 15 minutes, including time necessary for preparing and operating the audiovisual equipment. Do a dry run and time how long it takes. You will lose 1% off your mark for every minute beyond 5 that you are overtime.

Using Your Slide Show

The presentation will normally be accompanied by a slide show. If you wish, you may also use audio or video material. There will always be an LCD projector and audio equipment in the classroom.

Pronouncing foreign-language names and terms

Please pronounce names and terms from languages other than English as they are pronounced in the original language, or learn their accepted Anglicized pronunciation. This is often available on the internet.

No handouts

In order to maximize people's ability to follow your presentation, do not circulate handouts during your talk.

Choosing Your Presentation Software

Power Point is true and tested on our equipment, other software may not work smoothly. Since technical difficulties might lower your mark, it is recommended that you keep with Power Point. We have had awkward difficulties with Keynote and Prezi.

You Must Use the Computer Provided - Not Your Own Computer

Your presentation is a valued part of the class, but it is not all of it. The instructor may also need the equipment. In order not to have to lose time (and marks) due to technical difficulties when moving from your presentation to the instructor's, you must use the computer provided in the classroom. Sorry, but this means that using your own computer is not allowed.

Preparing Your Presentation - At Home

Two weeks before your presentation, meet with the instructor after class (or another time if arranged with the instructor). Create a slide show and save it in a Microsoft Power Point for PC format. Transfer it to a USB memory stick or iPod. Bring the memory stick or iPod to class. During the week before you present, you may if you wish meet with the instructor again during his office hours.

Uploading Your Presentation - By 6 pm the Day Before

Work on your presentation well before it is due. You must upload it to the Dropbox by 6 p.m. the day before the presentation. The reason is for the instructor to make sure that the presentation works technically. Make sure it functions well in every respect, including sound. No comments will be offered at this stage on presentation content.

You will be invited to join the class Dropbox, and must accept this invitation in order to upload your presentation.

If you are working with a partner, decide which one will upload the presentation. Do not upload two presentations, one from each partner.

Upload all media you will use: Power Point file, audio files, etc. If you are planning to use a DVD or CD, then just bring it to class.

If you do not upload your presentation by 6 p.m. there will be a late penalty of 5% off your presentation mark for each hour that you are late until 9 p.m. After 9 p.m., do not upload your presentation (it will not be accepted) but bring it on a USB stick to class. There will be a penalty of 25% off your presentation mark.

In any case, do not plan to download your presentation in the classroom before class. This often does not work and will cause delays, which may cost you further marks.

Preparing Your Presentation - Just Before Class

Arrive on the hour before your class starts (e.g. at 10:00 if the class starts at 10:10) and if the AV equipment is there proceed to prepare your presentation for projection.

If you are using sound, take time before class to ensure that there are no technical problems with it. It is not acceptable to use the computer's speakers. Instead, set up the sound to project over the AV system in the classroom (in most cases this can be done by inserting the supplied cable into the phone jack of the computer).


Are group presentations allowed?

Only when necessitated by the student-to-class ratio. Otherwise each presentation is an individual exercise.

When two people present

If it is necessary to have two people present, then only one person should read the text of your presentation. The other can operate the AV equipment. This, too, is standard practice at academic conferences. You can divvy up the writing job any way you like; however, do not take turns presenting it. Choose who will do the reading. Perhaps the other person should do a little more of the preparation.

When to start your presentation in class

You will have worked hard on your presentation and you will want to start presenting it as soon as people are ready for the class.  However, the presentation is only one element of the class.  Please allow the instructor to begin the class and to introduce the lecture topic and your presentation first.

Please remain seated at your usual place until asked by the instructor to begin your presentation.  Then come to the board to present it.  Most people present more effectively standing up than sitting down.

How it will be marked

Check out the presentation marking guide.