Basic Principles

What follows are procedures for requesting an extension from course deadlines, except for the final examination. Any requests regarding the final examination are handled by the Faculty of Arts and Science.

The University, the Department, and the teaching staff want to make sure that reasonable accommodation is offered to students who, for circumstances beyond their control, must miss a test or are unable to meet the deadline for an assignment.

  • No extensions without documentation.
  • No indefinite extensions will be given, but only extensions with a deadline. The deadline will not be extended. A second extension will not normally be granted for an assignment, and THERE WILL NEVER BE A MAKE UP OF A MAKE UP TEST.
  • If you require repeated extensions then you are obviously not able to fully participate in the course. Consider requesting a course extension from the Faculty of Arts and Science, or retaking the course at a later date.
  • Submitting acceptable documentation to your professor in reasonable time will get you a week's extension to a written assignment or the chance to write a make-up test at a date to be announced.
  • Only in exceptional circumstances will a longer extension be given, and only if it is specifically requested in your documentation (e.g. a doctor's note).
  • Scroll down or click on the orange menu above for information about specific situations that may require an extension.

Whom should I contact?

Contact your teaching assistant or, if there is not teaching assistant, your professor if ...

Contact Accessibility if ...

  • you need an extension for your written work (not about missed tests), AND
  • you are registered with Accessibility Services

Contact your Registrar if ...

  • you need an extension for your written work (not about missed tests), AND
  • only in special circumstances, where none of the above apply and yet you think you have a valid excuse, or
  • in catastrophic situations where you could not contact your professor within the required period

What documentation do I need and what are my deadlines for submitting it?

Deadlines (From the Academic Handbook, Section 7):

"A student who misses a test, lab or assignment deadline should come forward to the appropriate person in the course as soon as possible, and no later than one week after returning to class. Normally this means within one week of the test, lab or deadline; however, the student's reason for absence may extend beyond one week, and so the student is expected to come forward as soon as possible. Prudence suggests the student should notify the instructor by email if the absence is extended in this way.
If the student does not come forward within one week, the instructor or the academic unit may consider a request to extend the deadline, but is under no obligation to do so."

If you would like us to accept your documentation more than one week after the date in question, then your documentation should also include a note from the writer (e.g. a doctor) that explains why it could not be submitted earlier.

If You Need an Extension Because of Illness

Submit a Faculty of Arts and Science illness verification form. It is particularly important that the professional signing the form includes the beginning and ending date of your exemption. Providing a form will normally be sufficient for you getting an extension, but this is not guaranteed. Exemptions requiring a lengthy absence or extension may be better dealt with by you taking a leave of absence from study.

If You Need An Extension Due to Stress, Anxiety, or Depression

The Faculty of Arts and Science illness verification form also covers absences that are recommended by a registered psychologist, who will sign the form. The considerations are the same as in the case of physical illness (see above).

If You Had a Traffic Accident

Please supply some evidence that refers to the date of the accident: police report, doctor's note, or insurance report.

If You Had a Death in the Family

All consideration will be extended to bereaved students. They will be excused from tests, quizzes, etc. and will be given an extension on assignment deadlines for up to 21 days following the death of a parent, child, sibling, or spouse, and for up to 7 days following the death of a grandparent, grandchild, uncle or aunt - provided that this leaves them (the students) enough time to complete the course. (Extensions beyond the course completion date may be granted by the college registrar.) Students will also be excused in case the date of the funeral is on the date of a test, quiz, etc., or of an assignment deadline. Within one calendar month of the death, or within three days after the end of classes (whichever comes first), the student must submit

  • a) a copy of the death certificate or
  • b) a letter from the funeral home stating the date of death, the date of the funeral, and the relationship between the student and the deceased.

(Death certificates are widely and easily available following a death. Several are usually given to the bereaved by a funeral home at the time of the funeral arrangements. If it is your grandparent that has died, then simply ask your parents for a death certificate; we will return it to you.)
In the absence of one of these documents you will receive a 0 for the test or assignment missed.

We know this may sound cruel. But the good thing is that since we instituted this policy the death rate among students' grandparents has plumbeted to almost zero!

Invalid excuses

The following are some of the more common ones.

"I have another test at the same time."

All ANT 100 tests are scheduled during class time, and the examination is scheduled during examination time. If the staff of another course decides to give a test during our class time and this causes you a problem, then please approach that teaching staff, i.e. not the ANT 100 teaching staff, to solve the problem that they caused.

"My computer broke down," "The internet wasn't working" etc.

At all times keep a hard copy of your work in case we lose it or your computer breaks down. Failure to do so may result in you losing credit for your work! In case where you are asked to submit your work electronically, please do so well before the deadline, otherwise if there is a server problem you may not be able to get it in on time. Sorry, computer and internet problems will not be accepted as valid reasons for being late.

"Would you please give me a better mark, I need it to get into medical school / law school / journalism school / teacher's college / massage therapy"

Sorry. Please don't try this one. Marks are assigned on merit only.