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Connecting Community: On- and Off-line (Barry Wellman).

The Internet is no longer a separate world for the in-group millions of people routinely come online. Rather than isolating users in a virtual world, the Internet extends community in the real world, and connects people through individualized and flexible social networks rather than fixed and grounded groups. The article gives examples from NetLab’s research.

[Contexts 3, 4 (Fall 2004): 22-28]

Movies, Songs, Stage Plays, TV/Radio, Fiction, Non-Fiction about HCI

List compiled by Barry Wellman.

[Excerpted (with permission) from The Berkshire Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction(Berkshire Reference Works, 2004).]

Netlab Probes the Glocal Village

An article about NetLab’s work on networked individualism.

[Written by Howard Rheingold,in December 16, 2004.]

The Glocal Village – Internet and Community (Barry Wellman).

Magazine article for the general reader about NetLab’s research into the internet in everyday life, especially their local and long-distance communities.

[Idea&s – The Arts & Science Review, University ofToronto, 1(1),2004: 26-30.]

Updating Cyber Times – It’s Time to Bring Our Culture Into Cyberspace

Listed compiled and maintained by Barry Wellman. Translation of song titles into contemporary cyber times.