A Note on the Ancestral Toronto Home of Social Network Analysis (Linton C. Freeman and Barry Wellman).

A look at the Toronto experiences of Elizabeth Bott, the founding mother of social network analysis.

[Connections, 18 (2): 125-19 (1995).]

Always – and Uniquely – Chuck Tilly (By Bill Michelson and Barry Wellman).

A tribute to Charles Tilly from two of his earliest students.

[American Behavioral Scientist 51,12, August 2008: 1653-1655.]

An Egocentric Network Tale – Comment on Bien et al.

An account of the origin and design of the East York studies.

[Social Networks 15, Dec, 1993: 423-36.]

An Introduction to a Symposium on the History of the Communications and Information Technologies section of the American Sociological Association, 1988-2005

[The four-paper symposium was published in the Social Science Computing Review, 24, 2, Summer, 2006]

An HCI Love Story (by Barry Wellman).

How Barry found a computer soul mate — and a wife.

[KMDiary, Toronto, May 2004. Reprinted as “A Personal Story – Love and HCI.” Page 642 in the Berkshire Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction, edited by William Sims Bainbridge. Great Barrington, MA: Berkshire Publishing, 2004.]

Figure/Ground Communication Interview

Andrew Iliadis of Figure/Ground Communication interviews Barry Wellman  about his past, what lead him to research and teaching, and his opinions on a variety of subjects.

[Andrew Iliadis Interview conducted on May 6, 2013 and is available online at:]

Going Home (Barry Wellman and Bob Jones).

The Undefeated Lafayette College Bowl Team of 1962 (Barry Wellman, Captain) returns to Lafayette April 2003 for a 40ish reunion, capped by an epic College Bowl match with current Lafayette undergraduates. Can old age and experience deal with youth and speed?

Photos of the Lafayette College Bowl Team of 1962

[From the Lafayette Alumni News, January 2004]

HCI – A Personal Timeline

Timeline: A year by year account of Barry’s adventures with technology and computers.

[Pp. 317-318 in the Berkshire Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction, edited by William Sims Bainbridge. Great Barrington, MA: Berkshire Publishing, 2004.]

How the ASA’s Section Websites and Listservs Came to Be – Or Not to Be

[American Sociological Association – Footnotes (February 2014). available at:]

Hey, Hey LBJ, How Many Books Did You Ship Today?

A short account of how Barry shipped 1100 books to the National University of Ho Chi Minh City, 40 years after he moved to Canada.

How to Beat a Bulgarian Radar Trap

[1990. Society/Societe 14 (Oct.): 39-41. Contact (Magazine of BMW Car Club of Canada) (Oct., 1990): 24, 27. Expanded version, Roundel (Magazine of BMW Car Club of America) 20 (Oct., 1991): 72-74.]

INSNA & the Sunbelt – The Early Days

Barry was the founder and first coordinator of INSNA. Contains clippings from early issues of Connections (the INSNA informal journal) about conferences and such. It also includes an historic photo of the (U.S.) Mathematical Social Sciences Board social network conference at Dartmouth College, 1975.

I Was a Teenage Network Analyst – The Route from The Bronx to the Information Highway

A totally true account of how Barry Wellman discovered network analysis as a pre-postmodern Bronx teenager and what it taught him about personal communities, social support, and computer-supported networks of work and community.

[Connections 17(2):28-45 – official journal of the International Network for Social Network Analysis.]

I Was a WikiWarrior for Barack Obama

On how I did my bit during the 2008 US Presidential election, working to keep the Wikipedia articles about Ann Dunham (Barack Obama’s mother) and Lolo Soetoro (Obama’s step-father) fair and balanced.

[Written Februrary 13, 2009.]

Jane Jacobs the Torontonian

Although Jane Jacobs is often thought of as a New Yorker, she lived much of her adult life in Toronto. This short article describes her life and work in Canada.

[City & Community 5, 3, September 2006, 217-222.]

Judith Merril – A Great New York Canadian

An obituary of the noted science-fiction editor (and friend), showing how she was an exemplary “New York Canadian”.

[SOL Rising, No. 20, January, 1998: 12.]

Networking Canada

Acceptance speech for the 2001 Canadian Sociological and Anthropological Association Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award. Combines biographical reminisces with an account of work at NetLab.

Networking Network Analysts – How INSNA (the International Network for Social Network Analysis) Came to Be

Historical account by the founder of the society.

[Connections 23, 1, Summer 2000: 20-31.]

On (From) Lafayette- A Journey Through Life from the Bronx to Cyberspace

This memoir was written (September 5, 2003) for Aristeia, a Lafayette College undergraduate magazine, after our College Bowl team returned Spring 2003 for a reunion and to play College Bowl against current undergraduate. (We won.) It was published in a truncated one-page form (without my input) as “Through Life from the Bronx to Cyberspace” in the Fall 2005 issue.

Review of Charles Tilly Identities, Boundaries and Social Ties

I wrote this article as a straight book review, but as it was a selection of Chuck Tilly’s papers, I drew on my 40+ years of knowing him. Alas, between the time of submission and publication, Charles Tilly died (April 2008), so the review became more of an obituary than I had hoped. There is another memorial article by myself and Bill Michelson in the American Behavioral Scientist, August 2008 issue.

[American Journal of Sociology 113, 5, March 2008: 1439-1441.]

Steve Berkowitz – A Network Pioneer Has Passed Away

[Connections, 25, 2 (November, 2003).]

Social Networking – From TV Game shows to the information highway, Barry Wellman connects in a big way (Suzanne Soto)

A profile of Barry Wellman and his work.

[The Bulletin, June 13, 1994, Number 20]

Sociological Rob – How Rob Kling Brought Computing and Sociology Together (Barry Wellman and Starr Roxanne Hiltz).

In this short article, we discuss Rob Kling in his early 1970s-1980s days, when a bright young computer scientist brought his knowledge of sociology to bear on understanding the organization of computing, work and science. Rob was a key founder of social analyses of computing. He was a leader among that most rare of species: the sociologically acute computer scientist. More personally, he was a long-time friend and colleague whose work strongly influenced our own.

[The Information Society 20(2): 91-95. Special memorial issue about Rob Kling, the journal’s founding editor.]

The Geneva Gig (Barry Wellman).

The Rules of the Game in Lima (Beverly and Barry Wellman).

A Memoir of Barry and Bev’s Two-Weeks Along the Inca Trail in Chile and Peru.

Vera Davis was dancer, teacher extraordinaire (Beverly and Barry Wellman).

Tribute to Vera Davis, Bev Wellman’s (and Barry’s) dance teacher, friend and mentor.

[Printed on page 8 of The Bulletin, University of Toronto, May 12, 2009.]