Bum Raps – Daydreams of a Weary Conferencer

Guidelines on how to organize a conference session and how to give a paper in it.

[This article first appeared in Footnotes (The American Sociological Association Newsletter), May 1993. It has been updated, March 2004.]

Does Social Capital Pay Off More Within or Between Ethnic Groups? Analyzing Job Searchers in Five Toronto Ethnic Groups (with Emi Ooka).

Shows that the kinds of interpersonal ties that members of Toronto immigrant groups have an effect on their income.

[Pp. 199-226 in Inside the Mosaic, edited by Eric Fong. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2006.]

How to Write – and Edit – a Paper

Guidelines of how to write and edit academic papers.

[Paper by Professor Barry Wellman, December 6, 1999]

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Article by Karen Kelly about undergraduate student research at the University of Toronto, featuring NetLab students Natalie Zinko and Phuoc Tran.

[Source: University of Toronto – “Stepping Up” report. March 25, 2005.]

Networked Scholarly Communication: The Move From Journal to Article

The triple revolution — the turn to social networks, the proliferation of the internet and personalized mobile appliances — has changed scholarly publishing. Articles, not journals, are now the basic unit of consumption.

[Presentation by Barry Wellman and Jenna Jacobson to the Taylor & Francis Workshop: Seismic Shift–Marketing, Metrics, & Media, March 2014]

Surviving and Thriving Undergrad Life

Many students have challenges settling in to university life, dealing with new stresses or finding the best ways for them to excel in an unfamiliar and self-motivated environment. In this presentation Barry Wellman and recent undergraduates offer advice and encouragement based on their personal experiences.

[Presentation by Professor Barry Wellman to new undergraduate students at the University of Toronto, 2013]